abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Why to delegate?
Is it safe to delegate?

You should consider to delegate because the Theta protocol is very safe for staking your Theta tokens even on an unsecured Guardian Node.

Random questions

Can I stake on Theta wallet app? You stake through Theta wallet. It doesn't matter it's android, ios, web or hardware wallet if you can access your Theta wallet without issue. In Theta wallet, choose Stake, not Send. Your Theta / Tfuel stay in your wallet.

When shall I get my next rewards? It'll depend on the good uptime and the probabilistic factor of the protocol for when you get your rewards, as abacus has good uptime seeing in Guardianmonitor site, then it would be because of this probabilistic factor. For 1k Theta, it can be few days to 3 weeks and some 4 weeks to get the rewards, but the frequency won't be the same each time, guess you will get it faster next time.

Can I add more Theta tokens to an existing Guardian Node? Yes, it just has to be in increments of 1000 Theta or more.

I already have more than 1000 Theta staked. If I wanted to add more to the Guardian Node, but less than 1000 Theta, do I need to unstake? Unfortunately, you need to unstake first.

I am trying to add 100 Theta tokens to my stake. Can I only add a minimum of 1000 Theta tokens in order to add to my stake? This seems to be what the system is telling me. Can't I add a smaller amount once I have my initial 1000 tokens staked? You can add only 1000 or more to stake at any time. You can also unstake all and then restake the 1100 or what.

How long does it take to unstake Theta tokens? It will take around 60 hours to be fully withdrawn and return to your wallet.

If I'm staking on a guardian node, do my theta leave my wallet? You won't see them in your wallet but in the staking section of your app. They are just allocated to the Guardian Node, and are safe for sure.

If you have two different deposits that are over 1000 Theta tokens each, and they are in the same wallet address, does this mean you could unstake one deposit without affecting the other? You can as long as they came from either different wallets or delegated to different Guardian Nodes. The unstaking command comes from the Theta wallet, and will unstake any tokens from a given node address. You still get paid for the other addresses while unstaking from the other address. It's true if they are staked from two different wallets to same or different Guardian nodes.

Is there any problem with getting scammed or hacked with leaving my tokens on a delegated Guardian Node all the time? There's no way to hack the Guardian Node and steal anything. It's set up so that in case of an attack, the attacker can only add Theta tokens to the Guardian Node or unstake yours back to the wallet that staked it. As long as you have your wallet no one can hack a delegated Guardian Node and steal your coins. If the Guardian Node is hacked and have ransomware running on it, you won't lose any tokens.

Can the administrator of that node or a hacked node get access to my tokens? If the Guardian Node is hacked, there is nothing they could do with the locked coins. The primary control remains with your wallet.

So, the tokens remain in my wallet (I could see them) but somehow they are blocked until I decide to unstake, is that right? No your Theta is always on the blockchain actually. Because you do it from your wallet, it means only you have access to it. Your keys are your crypto. abacus has no access to your Theta. You are simply pointing your delegation to our summary address for our Guardian Node. We cannot interact with your delegation. Only you can delegate or undelegate from your wallet.

When I click deposit on the mobile wallet to delegate my tokens, I am sending them to the pool or they just delegate (point) and stay in my wallet? They are pointed at the delegated node but locked. Your wallet remains the primary control of the theta. The worst thing anyone can do from any node is send the coins back to your wallet.

So, they will not move anywhere after delegation. I will be able to see the balance in my wallet, even when they are locked and delegated? They are locked on the blockchain and pointing at the pool node address. You will see on your wallet that your coins are staked to the address and you can unstake it when you want.

If the delegated Guardian Node goes down, will I still be able to unstake or does it need to be online? You unstake from your wallet so even if the Guardian Node is down, you can still unstake.