abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Where to delegate tfuel to an edge node? Here is a list of TFuel Elite Edge Nodes. Their operators are open to anyone stake on them. However, there is no guarantee that these Elite Edge Nodes will maintain 100% uptime or current fee.

Number of Public Elite Edge Nodes listed on this website: 33
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Public Elite Edge Nodes Current Status

Holder Address (Elite Edge Node)Website or TagStatusRemaining
10xf6aa30cfb6fe7f1a60751d96eea35489936d56cc#005 thetanext.comactive16,264.51Stake TFuel
20x14e702db64de4d6607e3947846ee5923c45a2979bigpool.ioactive20,921.88Stake TFuel
30xbefa3524156c4391217be099e9d4c1528c34dbc2#002 thetanext.comactive25,113.85Stake TFuel
40x9e6b129fff4367f08a01c0a4e3346d3c6b149786#1 USA Mid West commonwealthcollective.ioactive64,356.94Stake TFuel
50xff6b822eec219fcff157c94b9e3747a77aa401c6#3 USA Mid West commonwealthcollective.ioactive80,142.48Stake TFuel
60x634a8df630f31a8a330d03b84bc3b631c4df69e9#47114 fuelfoundry.ioactive80,838.73Stake TFuel
70xc036a0d834c5208622973442d7c2dcb0cb0c5c4c#1 Germany Nurembur commonwealthcollective.ioactive230,000.00Stake TFuel
80x733c8c8e53ea5d4d7083d5d3adf485d3dcdb2db4#1 Asia commonwealthcollective.ioactive239,295.07Stake TFuel
90x18e4875a16ea722e53a12c920793259b9752adebbigpool.ioactive400,000.00Stake TFuel
100xd3857add9b6174ac1df0e764c328bcbfb34b73f8bigpool.ioactive419,125.00Stake TFuel

Public Elite Edge Nodes data were last updated 5 days ago - (sequence: 31=>40/270)

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Total Available Staking Capacity (33 EENs): 12,950,908 TFuel

If you have your own Elite Edge Node, in order for it to be included in the table above, please send the summary of your node and any other public information you wish to add (see below) to our email address. Your EEN must be already running, partially staked and can be checked on explorer.thetatoken.org and thetanext.com/monitor/eens (enter the Elite Edge Node Holder Address to get its history).

Beware your Elite Edge Node Summary will be public!

Everyone will have the opportunity to stake on your TFuel Elite Edge Node.