abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Number of staked and withdrawing holders: 1
From wallet 1 to 1

Holder: 0x15...a493

Address: 0x15cc4c3f21417c392119054c8fe5895146e1a493

WalletAddressStakeShare per Holder(s)
10xc15149236229bd13f0aec783a9cc8e8059fb28da30,000,0003 holders
1: 30000k as validator
2: 30000k as validator
3: 15000k as validator


There is 1 staking wallet with a total stake of 30,000,000 Theta on 0x15...a493 (3.00% of circulating supply)

Theta Holder Node 0x15...a493: 0x15cc4c3f21417c392119054c8fe5895146e1a493