abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Number of staked and withdrawing holders: 2
From wallet 1 to 2

Holder: 0x41...ad46

Address: 0x4110a6e394e71ba1afc2bb605704bc54f4d1ad46

WalletAddressStakeShare per Holder(s)
10x55cd3d90259c664f252c88dd58261b7292afc998331,291331.2912k as validator
20xf7f6f4ad16fe4a5aca809896d5257335b58e64db205,587205.586975676k as validator


There are 2 staking wallets with a total stake of 536,878 Theta on 0x41...ad46 (0.05% of circulating supply)

Theta Holder Node 0x41...ad46: 0x4110a6e394e71ba1afc2bb605704bc54f4d1ad46