abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Number of staked and withdrawing holders: 2
From wallet 1 to 2

Holder: 0xa6...9bce

Address: 0xa61abd72cdc50d17a3cbdceb57d3d5e4d8839bce

WalletAddressStakeShare per Holder(s)
10x0c9a45926a44a6fc9c8b6f9cb45c20483038698c32,000,0002 holders
1: 32000k as validator
2: 2000k as validator
20xbd9d44ca38746b1497b326b6a6682df420117d02570,000570k as validator


There are 2 staking wallets with a total stake of 32,570,000 Theta on 0xa6...9bce (3.26% of circulating supply)

Theta Holder Node 0xa6...9bce: 0xa61abd72cdc50d17a3cbdceb57d3d5e4d8839bce