abacus: Delegated Theta Node

Number of staked and withdrawing holders: 1
From wallet 1 to 1

Holder: 0xaf...a252

Address: 0xafcc901b0e8eac02f0e91bd12791888a0df8a252

WalletAddressStakeShare per Holder(s)
10xf9bef8565d0fc134f5dcb6601b686a2de45dfec613,000,0002 holders
1: 28000k as validator
2: 13000k as validator


There is 1 staking wallet with a total stake of 13,000,000 Theta on 0xaf...a252 (1.30% of circulating supply)

Theta Holder Node 0xaf...a252: 0xafcc901b0e8eac02f0e91bd12791888a0df8a252